Equipment Inspections

Equipment Inspections are key for equipment safety and maintenance

A critical part of your field work involves equipment inspections to ensure safe equipment performance and to identify hazards or maintenance and repair needs. You need a construction safety software that simplifies and modernizes your inspection workflows.

Part of the premium Safety & Compliance feature, Tenna’s Inspections functionality provides a simple and convenient way to complete and submit inspection forms in the field on the Tenna App. Digital inspections replace manual, paper-based methods making it easier and more efficient for your field team to perform, This convenience results in a higher likelihood of inspection completion more frequently. Eliminating paper and processing inspection reports digitally reduces risk of loss or damage and improves recording and processing so that safety or performance concerns are communicated to the right people automatically and are addressed in a timely manner.

Mockup of a Tenna App Missed Equipment Inspections notification with a black and white image of a construction site in the background

Tenna offers equipment inspections for heavy and mid-sized equipment, trailers, etc., DVIR for vehicles, and more in our growing inspection library. You configure the inspection points required for each asset needing an inspection in your fleet. Your teams performs inspections in the field with Tenna’s unique QR-code based inspection functionality. Sign and submit and you’re on your way, while any defect or issues and corresponding photos are automatically sent to the shop for attention and maintenance.

Know More

Improve visibility over operations and safety performance with easy-to-complete inspection forms for field workers and drivers to efficiently do their jobs.

Identify safety hazards or potential performance issues before they happen.

Know when maintenance is needed quickly and efficiently across teams with digital records and notifications.

Control More

Replace paper inspections, reduce waste and be notified if inspections were missed to ensure they are performed.

Promote awareness and compliance with federal and DOT regulations and company procedures.

Streamline processes for thorough completion and improve record keeping.

Make More

Reduce insurance premiums with documented safety tracking programs.

Reduce operating costs and avoid costly breakdowns, malfunctions or fines.

Win more work with an improved safety record.

Fleet of heavy construction equipment awaiting Equipment Inspections on a civil engineering construction site

How It Works

Link your Assets

Perform Inspection

Address Issues in the Shop

Maintain Compliance with your Safety Program

Optimize Safety


Managing your equipment fleet with Tenna’s Inspection feature brings the following benefits to your business’ processes, operations and organization:

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Inspections (Product Download)

Tenna offers a unique way of performing Inspections inspections in the field and submitting them to the shop, also tying into the maintenance feature.

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