Landscaping Equipment Management

Benefits of Tracking Equipment

At the job site, office or storage facility, your whole team can work faster and smarter by receiving real-time tracking updates on landscaping equipment.

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When you know where your fleet of trucks or landscaping equipment is, you can operate your business more efficiently and move into your next job with confidence. This means better service, happier customers, more work, and more profit.

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With asset management technology, you’ll be able to dispatch a complete set of assets for each project, and guarantee you utilize only the landscaping equipment and resources that you need, cutting out wasteful practices and unnecessary spending, and helping you operate cost-effectively.

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Loss Prevention

Many companies lose 5 to 10 % of their inventory each year. With the help of Tenna tracking technology, you can monitor landscaping tools and equipment to reduce your losses, and eliminate the impacts to your operations and productivity that occur when assets aren’t where they need to be.

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Easily schedule maintenance for your fleet of landscaping vehicles or equipment, letting the Landscape Equipment Management Software remind you when attention is needed to ensure you are protecting your investment and always operating safely and efficiently.

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Reduce the time you spend trying to manually track all your landscaping assets, and quickly find the information you need to succeed.

If You have Industrial Equipment, Tenna Is Your Partner

Tenna’s advanced Internet of Things (IoT) asset trackers are designed to work reliably in harsh site conditions, and our durable QR code equipment tracking tags are manufactured with lasers for precision. So you can trust that you’ll always have the right assets, where you need them. Our solutions are ideal for:

Tracking industrial machinery
Geographic asset tracking
Equipment on project sites
Maintenance records
Fleet routing

Solutions and Features

Location and Inventory

Know the precise location of all your landscaping assets at all times, and update inventory quantities. Use maps to pinpoint exactly where your inventory is, monitor who used it last and when and enjoy automatic, real-time alerts and updates that keep you informed when anything changes.
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Condition and Maintenance

Effortlessly record your equipment’s condition after each use and easily schedule repairs as necessary so assets are always available and fully functioning when needed. Access records of your inventory’s maintenance history for auditing and ensuring optimal working condition. When service is required, receive notifications reminding relevant parties of the equipment that needs attention. Protect your investment and get the longest life out of your assets.
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Delve into insights on how your landscaping assets are currently being used, how they may be being underutilized, or dig into the past for information on its previous activity. See landscaping equipment tracking and usage by project for more accurate costs and billing. Determine which assets can be better applied and when assets are no longer needed. Graph hours and miles trends and use this data to make informed business decisions
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Complete Tracking

Track everything on one convenient platform, from the fleet of trucks you drive to your landscaping sites, to each tool inside of them, to equipment big and small, regardless whether it’s a chainsaw or a skid steer.
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