Driver Safety and Compliance

Monitor vehicles and drivers to improve driver welfare and ensure regulatory compliance with Tenna’s Driver Safety and Compliance module. Tenna supports unique company policies and regulatory requirements like DVIR.

How it Works

Tenna’s Driver Safety and Compliance solution simplifies driver tracking for both the drivers and the back office. The combination of Tenna trackers and software provide compliant data with minimal data entry hassle.


Tenna Fleet Trackers plug-in easily on passenger vehicles and can be installed on most commercial and heavy duty vehicles

Driver Entry

Drivers use our mobile app to enter their driver logs, run vehicle inspections, track assets, and communicate with dispatchers

View Reports

Managers and dispatchers see all driver entries, set alerts, and generate reports from Tenna’s web interface

Driver Safety

With Tenna’s Driver Management Software, you can confidently implement a driver tracking system to increase safe driver behavior across your fleet operations.
  • Review driver safety scorecards to efficiently manage driver performance to identify behavioral trends
  • Measure risk and safety performance to promote good driving behavior based on unique driver score
  • Receive real-time notifications from the driver management system to your phone to identify safe and dangerous driving habits in real-time
  • Monitor and be alerted about customizable fleet driver performance metrics such as speeding, hard braking, sharp turns, rapid acceleration, idling and seatbelt use
  • Incentivize employees to improve their driver performance
  • Reduce insurance premiums with documented driver tracking programs

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR)

The Department of Transportation (DOT) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates that commercial drivers complete Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) to ensure safety and proper vehicle function.  Tenna’s easy-to-use mobile DVIR solution ensures compliance while helping to reduce costs through improved preventative maintenance.
  • Track all mandatory Federal Regulation 49 CFR §396.11 inspection requirements
  • Conduct pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections
  • Easily monitor vehicle health
  • Setup customized inspection reports
  • Report vehicle defects
  • Certify previous inspection reports
  • Validate repairs
  • Incorporate automated telematics readings
  • Setup warning and alerts
  • Review quantitative metrics to evaluate fleet performace

How It Helps

Tenna enables straight forward compliance and awareness for your drivers

Ensure Compliance

Increase compliance with DOT regulations and avoid costly fines by improving recordkeeping

Fewer Accidents

Keep drivers and the public safe and reduce dangerous mishaps

Save Time and Money

Save significant time and improve efficiency through automation
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Product Sheet

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