Fleet Tracking

Tenna’s Fleet tracking features let you identify the location of all the vehicles in your fleet in a single simple view.  It works with most fleet vehicles – passenger, commercial, and heavy duty on-road. Tenna’s combination of trackers, web interface, and mobile apps give you a complete view of your fleet from anywhere.

How it Works

Tenna’s Fleet tracking solution is designed to make tracking your fleet simple. Just add a Tenna Fleet Tracker to your vehicle and take advantage of our intuitive web interface to view location and vehicle details.


Tenna Fleet Trackers plug-in easily on passenger vehicles and can be installed on most commercial and heavy duty vehicles

View Locations

View the Tenna dashboard from any web browser to see the locations of each of your fleet vehicles and search on related data

Manage Your Fleet

Manage predefined routes, setup geofencing alerts based on areas you define, view vehicle status, and monitor driver safety and vehicle inspection reports

Tenna Fleet Tracking

  • Precise vehicle location updates every few minutes
  • Search for vehicles and see related telematics details
  • Add tools to aid in vehicle maintenance and driver safety and compliance with DVIR
  • Establish and monitor safe and efficient vehicle routes
  • Setup alerts based on violations of a posted speed limit and entering/exiting geographic boundaries (geofences)
  • Manage vehicle related assets by creating pick lists, grouping, reallocating inventory, and updating asset status

How It Helps

Save time, money, and keep your customers informed and happy using modern fleet management tools from Tenna

Fewer Calls

Eliminate making dozens of calls to find your drivers and update on delivery status – see it all instantly

Manage Schedules

Watch for traffic, optimize routes, proactively schedule maintenance when needed or during downtime for prevention

Lower Fuel Costs

Take fuel-efficient routes, avoid emergency maintenance, bad driver damage and fines or penalties
Product Sheet

Product Sheet

Automatic, Real Time Asset Tracking by GPS

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