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Introducing Action QR, Facilitating Construction Workflows in the Field with Tenna

Tenna Action QR used to create a workflow to create a fuel entry

New Hope, PA — May 21, 2024— TENNA, the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations, is thrilled to announce the release of its new Action QR product, which associates user pre-defined QR labels to specific actions in the Tenna App. This represents a new use case on Tenna leveraging QR technology to shortcut field workers directly to forms or screens to help decrease the time it takes to perform daily reoccurring tasks.  

Action QR is a low-cost way of helping to streamline processes by allowing contractors to pre-configure color-coded QR labels which, when scanned by field users, open distinct actions within the Tenna App to facilitate the beginning of a workflow. These QR codes provide a convenient and efficient way to ensure work processes are taking place in the field by acting as a visual reminder, shortcut and overall catalyst.  

The setup of Action QR is simple: buy the label, associate each label to a workflow, scan the code and be immediately routed to that workflow in the Tenna App. Just as easy and familiar as pulling up a digital menu in a restaurant, a field user can access the exact inspection that should be performed on that particular asset prior to operating, submit a maintenance request, assign themself to an asset, log a fuel entry and more with a simple scan.  

Given the nature of field operations and the typical construction end user, it is an industry-wide challenge for construction business owners to get technology buy in and adoption of new processes and behaviors in the field. This product breaks down barriers to getting things done onsite and eliminates friction from adopting tech in the field, while being a solution to important documentation or tasks falling through the cracks and disrupting other tasks and reporting downstream.  

With Action QR, workflows and SOPs that contractors wish were being adhered to can be enabled and easily accessed. “This product facilitates success on Tenna,” said Tenna CEO and Co-Founder, Austin Conti. Good data starts in the field, and Action QR improves adoption by reducing friction and ensuring that key SOPs and workflows are happening. This release demonstrates our commitment to making the product experience easy for our users and improving the outcome of construction project operations.” 

Action QR was designed to enable contractors to continue to digitize workflows that still may be disjointed or on paper, tying everything to the Tenna platform. They help to simplify and streamline processes with more shortcuts and less data entry to improve asset operations.  

Action QR is a game changer for getting things done in the field,” says Jose Cueva, Co-Founder and VP of Product at Tenna. “Scanning the code will immediately prompt something to take place, which resonates well with end users that may not be very high-tech. The code is the physical medium representing an action to take in Tenna, which makes it clear to the user that they can do something with it, and it will bring up exactly what they are supposed to do. It’s the solution to operators not performing their inspections, not recording when something is broken and maintenance is needed, not entering their fuel, etc.” The simplicity of the QR scan breaks down the barrier to performing these simple, yet critical tasks in Tenna.  

As with all new Tenna products, Action QR came to life after a series of customer research initiatives to identify which workflows would be most helpful to have shortcuts for. Workflows such as inspections, fuel entry, driver assignment, creating maintenance requests and work orders, inventory transactions and more are part of the initial launch of this product, with more customizable actions on the way based on customer feedback.  

Action QR is part of the TennaCORE product offering and is available to all customers that purchase the QR labels, although it does facilitate workflows that are part of Tenna’s premium product offerings such as Maintenance, Safety & Compliance, etc. These new QR labels are made out of the same specialized material as Tenna’s QR trackers which is weatherproof, durable and UV resistant, making them resilient to the elements and rough construction environments.  

Tenna is constantly iterating and improving to provide innovative solutions that enable contractors to boost productivity and improve tech adoption. This product exemplifies the most recent instance of Tenna using tried-and-true technology in progressive and adaptive ways based on what they hear from contractors using the platform to continue to help streamline field operations. 

Contact Tenna to learn more about Action QR. 

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