"We are a team of gritty, focused, and committed people obsessed with always doing right by our customers. Combining our construction history of over 100 years with innovative software, hardware products and customer success, Tenna will be the industry’s technology standard for equipment fleet operations."
Austin Conti Headshot Black and White
Austin Conti on Construction Site
Austin Conti Co-Founder / CEO / Board Member
Austin Conti Co-Founder / CEO
Karen Wuerfl
Karen Wuerfl Industry Advisor
"My priority is to enable our incredible team to use their drive and talents to affect change in the lives of our customers through great construction technology products."
Jose Cueva Headshot Black and White
Jose Cueva on Construction Site
Jose Cueva Co-Founder / VP, Product
John Tracey Advisory Board Member
Headshot of Mike Clancy
Mike Clancy Industry Advisor
"Drive, focus, and endurance. That’s what we bring to Tenna every day – regardless of title or role and regardless of whether we are in the office cranking out product, problem solving as a team, or working with our customers onsite. We got this."
Kristen Olson Headshot Black and White
Kristen Olson on Construction Site
Kristen Olson Chief Operating Officer
"Amid the technical challenges, mathematical problems and everything else that goes into building a solution like ours, it’s important that we never lose focus of our customers. They depend on our solution. Not just in office or in the job trailers but also working in the elements out on jobsites. Everything we build must work right the first time. I keep a hard hat and boots next to my desk, so I never lose sight of that"
Luke Douglas Headshot Black and White
Luke Douglas Headshot Color
Luke Douglas CTO
"We are a group of people that enjoys taking time to understand and solve problems for construction companies. Tenna is born from generations of family construction work and prides itself on long, successful partnerships with our customers."
Russ Young Headshot Black and White
Russ Young Headshot Color
Russ Young VP, Growth
“Going way beyond traditional telematics, our solutions are built for the future of Asset Management Technology. Our robust product offering, industry trained teammates, and user-friendly platform is purpose driven to problem solve within the Construction Industry. We are dedicated to an amazing customer experience through our partnership approach and proven processes.”
Jefferey Noland Headshot Black and White
Jeffrey Noland in front of of a Dump Truck on Construction Site
Jeffrey Noland Director, Enterprise Sales
"We bring a can-do attitude, transparency, and a sense of urgency in our toolbox each day so we can serve with excellence!"
Mark Facciani Headshot Black and White
Mark Facciani on Construction Site
Mark Facciani VP, Sales Development
"A successful implementation of our product is a critical component to deliver maximum value for our customers. A driven team comprised of industry veterans paired with an entrepreneurial outlook of technology ensure successful implementations with no challenge being too bold."
James House Headshot Black and White
James House on Construction Site
James House VP, Implementation
"Building great teams with great people. Providing the structure and freedom that allows our team to use all their talents to provide value, to our customers, in the construction industry."
Edgar Villanueva Headshot Black and White
Edgar Villanueva Headshot Color
Edgar Villanueva VP, Engineering
"Whether we are sharing our message, refining our processes or finding new ways to bring value to our customers, we keep our heads together to make meaningful contributions and measurable progress towards our goals. We push past our limits to continuously improve our product and service and enhance the capabilities of our valued team members."
Gina Setzer Headshot Black and White
Gina Setzer Headshot Color
Gina Setzer Director, Content Marketing
"What initially brought me to Tenna is what keeps me here: our people, our values and our product. I have the opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented professionals in the construction technology space and contribute to building our (awesome!) team. Integrity, collaboration and thoughtful disagreement all embody Tenna’s ethos and I am proud to be a part of our team."
Rokssana Craig Headshot Black and White
Rokssana Craig Headshot Color
Rokssana Craig Director, People Operations
"Working daily applying Science to help our customers find more value in their assets, I am proud to be part of a dynamic team of consummate professionals innovating, creating and deploying industry-leading asset management solutions for industry."
Frank Rodriduez Headshot Black and White
Frank Rodriduez Headshot Color
Frank Rodriguez Hardware Engineering Manager