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As CEO and Co-Founder of Tenna, Austin leverages his international experience in construction operations for civil, building, and energy projects with The Conti Group, which has built successful, reputable businesses that make a positive impact on the world in construction, engineering, renewable energy, real estate, technology, and biotech. His passion for entrepreneurship led him to create a construction technology platform built on over a century’s experience from The Conti Group.

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  • How Tech is Transforming Procurement in Construction
    For centuries, the construction industry has been synonymous with physical materials, skilled labor, and blueprints. But a quiet revolution is brewing, fueled by ones and zeros rather than bricks and mortar. Technology is changing how construction works, especially in the important area of procurement.
  • The ROI of Safety Cameras
    In 1939, Officer R. H. Galbraith (pictured right) of the California Highway Patrol mounted his own motion picture camera on the dashboard of his patrol car to take photos of the vehicles he followed during his patrols and provide backup evidence in court for the tickets he wrote.
  • Why Construction Businesses Need to go Beyond Tracking and Embrace Total Equipment Management
    “Asset Tracking” is a common term used by many contractors looking to track the location of their different asset types. Lost and misplaced assets are a real industry problem but it’s only one piece of the overall operational puzzle and only one of many opportunities to recoup unnecessary spending on assets and on people hours.

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