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Tenna Heavy-Duty Equipment Tracking

Your capital-intensive heavy equipment is the core of your operations. Bulldozers, graders, cranes and loaders are critical to getting jobs built, and monitoring their hours, project assignments, location and maintenance is essential for keeping projects moving.

Tenna’s IoT (Internet of Things) GPS asset tracking technology captures all this information and stores it on the same combined equipment tracking platform as all your other smaller assets. You can track your entire inventory and fleet on a single asset tracking system.

How Tenna Works


Tenna is the single platform to better manage all your mission-critical heavy equipment.

Instead of navigating multiple asset data systems for your range of heavy equipment, plus other tracking systems for your smaller and mid-sized equipment, Tenna is the one platform to help you find everything.

Once our GPS, Bluetooth or RFID trackers are installed on your heavy equipment, your entire inventory will be connected into one consolidated platform, instead of multiple systems.

As you allocate multiple pieces of equipment across job sites, Tenna’s cloud-base app will track that equipment at those sites, so you have complete visibility into all your equipment across sites. You can watch as equipment enters or leaves the job sites, know what machinery is working or needs maintenance, and get telematics insight. All on one system.

With Tenna, you find more efficiency and find more value from your most important machinery.

Manage Your Equipment

Tenna’s heavy equipment GPS asset trackers automatically collect heavy equipment tracking information such as hours, miles, location and maintenance tracking records in real-time without involvement from your crew.

Just attach our asset tracking devices to your equipment or vehicle’s onboard diagnostic ports to stay connected and informed.

You can also attach our GPS tracking devices to vehicles or equipment without onboard diagnostic ports to collect just vehicle-location updates. Or the Tenna Bluetooth asset tracking system lets your employees collect the same data by scanning our Bluetooth asset tracking tags with their smartphone or tablet.

What You Can Do

Make Managing Your Business Easier with Our Heavy Equipment Tracking Solutions

Tenna provides a variety of asset tracking devices and solutions for capturing the information you need to keep your heavy equipment running.

Our Internet of Things (IoT) asset trackers use GPS asset tracking technology to capture your critical heavy machinery tracking data in real time and automatically store it in your Tenna asset management software.

Cellular GPS solutions use cellular data plans — similar to a cellphone or tablet — to track, locate and log heavy asset information. LoRa GPS devices leverage long-range, low-power wireless platforms to build a network that delivers critical information, no matter where the equipment travels.

Automatically Track

Tenna’s GPS and LoRa equipment trackers automatically collect and record your critical information. Crews can concentrate on work while your equipment communicates directly with Tenna.

Keep Your Equipment Running

Your heavy machinery needs preventive maintenance to keep working. Tenna’s GPS asset trackers capture hours/miles, record maintenance history and even send service reminders to help you keep your heavy duty operations moving.

One Integrated System

Stop using separate heavy equipment tracking systems for your different types of heavy machinery. Tenna helps you find more efficiency and consistency by bringing all your asset tracking onto one powerful equipment tracking app.

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