Are your Assets Working for you?

Tenna makes it easy for you to see how your assets are being utilized across your jobsites and your entire organization. This visibility helps you make more informed decisions about owning, renting or selling your assets and helps you make sure your assets are working for you.

Monitor your asset utilization today and over time to measure how often your assets are working (or not working) to determine their economic efficiency and value to your business.

Know More

View data on assets used collectively on projects, as well as individual asset utilization to benefit the Operations teams, Cost Accountants, Equipment Managers and Estimators.

Share report data with others so they can see and analyze current utilization percentages right on your screen for quick answers.

Control More

We provide asset utilization and condition updates to Equipment Managers and anyone else responsible to ensure owned assets are being used, understand how they are being used and identify whether its most economical to rent, buy, or move in the future.

This data improves logistics for the project teams to ensure they have the assets they need to perform and keep projects on target, while keeping costs under control. Improving your utilization yields major savings.

Make More

We provide data to Project Managers, Cost Accountants and anyone else responsible for how many pieces of equipment are needed on active projects each month for accurate forecasting.

Share accurate cost and utilization data with Estimators to help develop future bid rates, improve competitiveness and keep winning work.

How It Works

Asset Details

View utilization within the Utilization feature, or directly within an individual asset’s detail page to see insights on how your assets are working for you.


Review individual asset and overall project utilization today and over time. Improve bid rates with accurate cost information. Capture relevant data for those who need it.


Get notified when an asset is being underutilized so you can stay on top of assets you no longer need and stay proactive and ahead with maintenance alerts and reminders.


Managing your assets with these tools on One Platform brings the benefits of Know More, Control More and Make More to your processes, operations and organization:

  • Increased visibility
  • Cost earnings and savings
  • Time savings
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Improved communication
  • Improved decision making
  • Improved record keeping

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