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As Vice President of Implementation, James oversees the installation of Tenna’s equipment management solution. With a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, he has a decade of IT and field experience that he applies to customer implementations. James has strong abilities to pre-plan project implementation and manage successful customer rollouts onsite. He is an effective communicator in educating contractors (field personnel and executive level) on the impacts and value of their chosen solutions. This experience is a powerful combination for helping customers plan and execute a sound implementation.

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  • Construction Fleet Maintenance Software Protects Your Heavy Equipment
    Other than labor costs, your construction equipment is your company’s biggest investment, with some pieces of heavy machinery costing as much as or even over $500,000.
  • Top Features of the Best Dash Cams for Construction
    Construction dash cams are rapidly becoming a mainstay of fleet safety and management. Exponential strides in technology have resulted in practical and affordable dash cams. Years ago, dash cams were large, cumbersome, fragile, and uncommon. Today, dash cams are convenient, durable, and increasingly popular.
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    GPS tracking for construction equipment is an extremely useful technology for any construction business. GPS tracking gives you a comprehensive view of your fleet assets. The real value of GPS tracking, however, comes in the insights you get from that comprehensive view. GPS is more than a fun accessory, if you know how to use […]

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