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Latest IoT Asset Management Systems by Tenna

The complete range of Tenna Asset Tracking Devices spans all your assets from small tools to large vehicles or equipment. So you can manage everything on One Platform.

Tracking Devices

Know where your assets are at all times with Tenna’s GPS asset trackers, Bluetooth tracking or QR code asset tracking tags. Combine technologies on our single asset management software platform to keep track of all your inventory.

Whether you need QR tags for small-sized assets, Bluetooth tracking, or cellular and GPS fleet tracking, Tenna’s asset management devices let you find the right combination to meet your needs.


QR code – Durable labels or aluminum tags are attached to your assets and then scanned with our equipment tracking app and a smartphone or tablet to quickly track your inventory.


Bluetooth – Asset tracking transmitters automatically connect assets to smartphones in short-range areas.


GPS – Transmitters are connected to a global navigation satellite system and provide asset location, navigation and timing services.


Cellular trackers – GPS asset tracking devices connect to cellular networks to automatically track equipment and provide fleet monitoring anywhere they are located.