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Enterprise-level businesses, and specifically those in the construction industry have varied, complicated operations and reporting structures. Different business units, service lines and operating entities make up your organization. Some businesses have centralized systems across all parts of the organization while others may have a decentralized structure which separates everything.  Regardless of centralized versus decentralized systems, one commonality is that you want to make sure your business lines are winning work and turning a profit. We know you prioritize efficient performance and staying current with technology to optimize operations as it ultimately results in higher profits.

We built our platform to be flexible to different internal structures and with your size and scale in mind. Your Tenna account can be built to support your entire organization so you can manage your widespread operations on a single platform for total visibility and effective communications. As a Tenna user, you can scale the system to your size as you grow, adding more users, assets and sites along the way.

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Org Chart

Customizable Subsidiaries, Divisions and Departments for the ability to build your unique org chart into Tenna to organize your system as you operate your business regularly. Structure your assets and users under the branches they belong in and filter and report on data by organization level. Whether your business systems are centralized or decentralized, Tenna works for you.

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Permissions for Unlimited Users

Custom permissions by title, organization branch and individual users to control access levels to fit your unique company needs. Get your whole team up and running on the platform to improve efficiencies in their day to day roles with no extra cost per user.

Robust Functionality

Utilization, Geofences, Reports, Maintenance, Reservations, Safety & Compliance and more managed and communicated locally and accessible across your widespread teams and operations. Keep track of your stuff while optimizing safety, performance and productivity.


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Tenna Product E-Book

This guide serves as a menu of all that Tenna has to offer, from hardware products that collect your asset data, to software features that interpret that data so you can Know More, Control More and Make More when it comes to your mixed fleet.

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