Tenna Tracking Devices & Tags

Track Anything and Everything

Tenna is the one asset tracking partner you need, because of our complete range of asset tracking devices to manage everything in your fleet, yard or inventory.

Select from our autonomous asset trackers that use GPS or RFID to transmit automatically without human interaction. Or choose our Bluetooth asset tags and QR code equipment tracking tags that are ideal for smaller tools or materials.

Mix and match to track anything, because they all link to one consolidated asset tracking system – Tenna!


How Tenna Works

The complete range of Tenna asset tracking devices spans all your assets from small tools to large vehicles or equipment.

Our Internet of Things (IoT) asset trackers use GPS to capture real time location and store it in your Tenna asset tracking system. They work automatically so your crew won’t need to do anything!

  • Tenna’s cellular GPS tracking system uses cellular data plans — similar to a cellphone or tablet — to locate and track assets.

  • Our LoRa GPS tracking devices leverage long-range, low-power wireless platforms to delivers critical information, no matter where assets travel.

  • For smaller tools and materials, Tenna’s asset tags are durable and affordable.

  • Our QR code equipment tracking tags come in different sizes and have 10-year life spans. Your employees simply scan the tags with the Tenna equipment tracking app on a smartphone or tablet, and asset information quickly uploads to Tenna.

  • Our Bluetooth asset tags can also be scanned by smartphone or tablet.

  • Tenna’s RFID tracking system transmits radio signals to a RFID scanner, available from Tenna. RFID information is instantly uploaded to Tenna.

A Complete Range of Asset Tracking

QR Codes

Durable labels or aluminum tags are attached to your assets and scanned with our equipment tracking app and a smartphone or tablet to quickly track your inventory.


Radio frequency tags affixed to your assets and tools can be sensed by special readers from up to 100 feet away.


Asset tracking transmitters automatically connect assets to smartphones in short-range areas.


Transmitters are connected to a global navigation satellite system and provide asset location, navigation and timing services.

Cellular trackers

GPS asset tracking devices connect to cellular networks to automatically track equipment and provide fleet monitoring anywhere they are located.

LoRa trackers

Automatic GPS asset trackers with extra-long life and long-range transmitters also track assets wherever they’re located.

What You Can Do

Whatever your needs and however your operation works, Tenna can help you find more.

Find More Automatically

Tenna’s IoT trackers work automatically so that your crews do not need to stop to track assets. Our cellular GPS or LoRa GPS units transmit asset data using power from your vehicles or from built-in long-life batteries.

Use RFID Scanners

Our RFID equipment trackers can be read using Tenna’s hand-held reader, or with RFID antennas mounted at your work sites or yard. The antennas track automatically, just like the automatic tollbooths on the highway.

Track with Smartphones or Tablets

Simple and affordable asset tracking. Just attach our QR code inventory tracking labels or our Bluetooth asset tags to any item. And then scan them with your existing smartphone or tablet. The phone’s built-in GPS instantly captures location data and more.


Quickly see how an investment in Tenna asset tracking technology can help you manage your business and your bottom line.

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