Requests and Reservations

Manage your Resource Allocation

Oftentimes jobsites wrestle over who needs a piece of equipment more and for how long; hoard assets on their jobsites that they don’t currently need; or conflict with preventive maintenance schedules.

Because physical assets are required to complete your work and we know how critical it is to balance operations with maintenance, Tenna provides a mechanism for your teams to request and reserve assets that they need to support their scopes. Tenna’s request and reservations functionality lets field teams schedule their asset needs and share resources across sites while helping shop teams coordinate critical maintenance or repair activities with project needs for efficient equipment management.

Construction Vehicle Onsite that can have Requests and Reservations
equipment reservations calendar

How It Works

Leveraging a construction equipment management system with reservation and scheduling functionality lets you see and communicate the status of your assets and your resources needs across sites. Know when your assets are available, in use, or in the shop. Create and manage requests, resolve booking conflicts and control hoarding from other sites. 

Reserve It

Request assets when you need them for your site and share resources across projects. Help shop teams coordinate critical maintenance or repair activities with project needs.


Monitor the status of individual assets and what site they are currently on. Submit reservation requests to an asset’s current assignee.


Coordinate with the superintendents, project managers or equipment managers to requests assets you need that are currently on their sites. Let the shop approver manage conflicts.

Equipment Maintenance

Coordinate maintenance activities with asset reservations for project operations and vice-versa to optimize uptime while ensuring routine maintenance is performed.

Equipment Utilization

Monitor equipment utilization at the individual asset and collective project levels to see which asset types are being under or overutilized and shed light on jobsite activity and hoarding.


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Tenna Asset Tracking (Product Download)

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