Kent Killion<span>COO, E-Z Construction</span>

Our team was thoroughly impressed by the effort and time given by Tenna’s Team to ensure a successful implementation of the asset trackers on our equipment. They are the real deal. Real professionals! If implementation and onboarding is an indicator of Tenna’s platform, our entire team is very positive and optimistic!

Abigail Cornett<span>Power User, Rental Works</span>

I very much appreciate the relationships we have created with the Tenna staff… I feel comfortable contacting them when we have questions, and I truly feel like they are not just selling a product, but want to help their customers grow better, more efficient businesses… We spoke to many different companies about trackers before choosing […]

Pat L’Heureux<span>Project Manager, Severino Trucking</span>

This is great for our users who aren’t super tech-savvy. Having all our telematics data filtered onto One Platform makes it such an incredible tool. I can train my team on one tool; reducing training, eliminating extra passwords, and leading to more uptime that a user can use the software. It’s so much easier to […]