Real-Time Updates on Your Fleet's Movements

Your fleet of trucks and heavy-duty vehicles are a major investment.

Our family of GPS trackers are designed to keep you compliant and keep your fleet moving, by giving you complete visibility into where your vehicles are, how they’re operating, and what needs maintenance.

How It Works

Tenna provides several GPS fleet trackers and solutions coupled with our One Platform to give you the information you need.

Our Internet of Things (IoT) fleet tracking devices use GPS asset tracking technology to capture your critical fleet data in real time and store it in your Tenna fleet tracking system.

Tenna uses cellular data plans — similar to a cellphone or tablet — to track, locate and log your fleet information. We leverage wireless networks that deliver critical fleet information, no matter where vehicles travel.

Beyond Tracking Fleet

Tenna hardware collects the data you need for tracking as well as managing your mixed equipment fleet. View these videos to learn more.


Tracking Rack Trucks


Tracking Water Trucks

High-Tech Made Easy

Tenna makes it easy to stay on top of your fleet.

Our devices plug into your vehicles’ onboard diagnostics ports and automatically transmit to Tenna for effortless fleet tracking.

You or your drivers can use our asset management app to review logs, hours of service, vehicle records, location and more.

Monitor as your vehicle travels between job sites and get updates on engine operations, speed and performance.


Quickly Manage Your Fleet

We record your fleet’s location and capture vital information such as condition, assignee, needed service, preventative maintenance and more. This enables you to control your entire fleet no matter where you or your vehicles are located.

Easily Share Information

Details about your fleet are available 24/7 via the Tenna App. Your entire team in the field, the shop or the office, will be able to access everything from a single location. You gain full visibility across your entire fleet, without delay.

One Platform for All Assets

Tenna tracks all your assets with a single asset tracking system covering your entire inventory, for consistent data and reduced complexity.

A Few of Our Customers

Companies managing their fleet with Tenna’s Equipment Management System

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