Real-Time Updates on Fleet Movements

Your fleet of trucks and heavy-duty vehicles are a major investment.

Tenna’s GPS asset trackers are designed to keep your fleet moving, by giving you complete visibility into where they are, how they’re operating, what needs maintenance, and keeping you compliant.

How Tenna Works

Tenna provides several GPS fleet tracking devices and solutions for tracking your fleet of trucks and vehicles.

Our Internet of Things (IoT) fleet tracking devices use GPS asset tracking technology to capture your critical fleet data in real time and automatically store it in your Tenna fleet tracking system.

Tenna’s cellular GPS tracking system uses cellular data plans — similar to a cellphone or tablet — to track, locate and log your fleet information. Our GPS asset tracking devices leverage wireless platforms to build a network that delivers critical fleet information, no matter where vehicles travel.

High-Tech Made Easy

Tenna makes it easy to stay on top of your fleet.

Our asset tracking devices plug into your vehicles’ onboard diagnostics ports and automatically transmit to the Tenna fleet tracking system for effortless fleet tracking.

You or your drivers can use the Tenna asset management app to review logs, hours of service, vehicle records, location and more.

Monitor as equipment travels between job sites, enters or exits projects, and get real-time updates of engine operations, speed and performance.

With Tenna, you can find more performance and compliance.

What You Can Do

Tenna is your IoT fleet tracking partner. We help you find more operational data and stay compliant at all times.

Automatically Track Assets

With Tenna’s GPS tracking system on your fleet, Tenna automatically records every vehicle’s location and log data, so you find more efficiency.

One Platform for All Assets

In addition to operating a fleet, your company manages an inventory of other machinery and equipment. Tenna can track all your assets, with a single asset tracking system covering your entire inventory, for consistent data and reduced IT complexity.


Keep Compliant

Operating a fleet while meeting new regulations for record keeping is a complex job. Tenna helps you manage fleet tracking requirements so you can focus on your business.


How to Increase Your Fleet’s Efficiency and Safety With Telematics

Find Your ROI

Simply input the assets you want to track and we will calculate your return on investment so that you can see how tracking and managing your assets with Tenna can help you within the first year.

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