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Tenna Integrates with Procore to allow Contractors to Optimize and Share Equipment Data

Edison, NJ — May 11, 2021 — TENNA, the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations, today announced the next phase release of their integration with Procore.

Tenna Integrates with Procore to allow Contractors to Optimize and Share Equipment Data - Equipment DataTenna is excited to roll out the next phase of its integration with Procore, a leading provider of construction management software, to allow contractors to optimize and share their equipment data across their project operations systems in a way that currently does not exist elsewhere in the construction industry. This phase of the continually developing Tenna integration for Procore allows for the flow of location, utilization (hours/miles), and assignee information from Tenna project sites into the Procore Daily Log tool. This release is a next step up from the earlier phase of the integration which consisted of an embedded experience allowing Procore users to access the Tenna platform through their Procore account.

Contractors integrating Tenna with Procore to centralize their key operational data and workflows benefit from more accurate, streamlined, and reliable digitized data automated between systems, reduced redundancy and manual entry of information, and improved communications across the business.

When construction technologies integrate with other systems that contractors are already using to support a function that the contractor needs – like Tenna and Procore are doing with equipment management – it improves efficiencies for contractors because their systems are in sync. The integration allows them to maximize the benefits of the systems they are using by centralizing and consolidating the information for accuracy, easy analysis and overall usefulness, versus having to piecemeal the data together from the different systems to see and understand the big picture.

“The construction industry is currently drowning in data but starving for insight. To win in today’s environment, contractors should settle for nothing less in a construction technology than one that not only helps gain efficiencies, but also provides interoperability of platforms like Tenna and Procore through connecting key data points. That’s the inflection point when data becomes knowledge and knowledge becomes insight,” says Ian Gray, Sales Engineer at Tenna with a deep understanding of the ways both Procore and Tenna work and ways contractors use these programs to enhance their workflows and operations.

“The Tenna integration for Procore enhances collaboration between project stakeholders and gives greater visibility into equipment usage and productivity,” said Doug Gibson, Business Development Manager at Procore.

For Tenna, the developing Procore integration is yet another stride towards the expansion of their integration offerings with various other external leading construction software systems that are highly used by contractors today. Integration functionality that connects their equipment management platform with other business tools helps their customers efficiently see and manage data across the multiple products in their technology ecosystem more seamlessly – a growing need as contractors continue to adopt more technologies and systems into their businesses.

About Tenna

Tenna goes beyond tracking. Tenna,, is the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations. We are the standard for the construction industry.

We enable you to know more. You get comprehensive, reliable tracking on a unified platform that is designed for mixed fleets. We built our solution on over 100 years of construction experience.

With more insight, you can control more. From status to assignee and maintenance, get comprehensive data on your mixed fleet. On your projects, gain more control over equipment utilization, master job costing and oversee your safety and compliance needs. At the office, gain full visibility and improved communications with the field, shop and between departments, providing full transparency from any location and better data to make purchase decisions.

And finally, with more control, you can make more. With knowledge, comes the power to make informed decisions on renting/owning/moving mixed assets. See improved utilization. Have more predictable days.

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