Specialty Contractors

We know your days start early and you work late. We know you spend a big chunk of your time putting out fires and trying to see how you can get ahead of your schedule, or at least maintain it. There is a lot happening on the job site and things can get even more complicated when changes aren’t communicated, or other contractors are running behind. We know because we have been there.

A mixed fleet is the second biggest cost to construction companies and it has a large impact on your bid margin and ability to get the job done.

Whether you are the prime or the sub-contractor, you need to be able to readily access information to find and manage your equipment. You can’t afford to fall behind on other projects because one isn’t going according to schedule. 

It’s important to have a system generating better data to maximize your equipment fleet investment to make better decisions. With improved visibility and better communication between folks in the field, shop and the office, everyone can share information seamlessly and work more efficiently.

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Benefits for Specialty Contractors

Know More

Go Beyond a Dot on the Map

With our One Platform solution, you gain valuable data and insights. With more than just an asset’s location, you will know whether that asset is in use, idle, who is assigned to it and a whole lot more, giving you the ability to move equipment when one project runs behind, and another is moving faster.

Improve Accountability

Know what equipment is on each project and who your assets are assigned to. Tenna's App will engage your team to improve accountability for managing and utilizing your equipment, tools and materials.

Reduce Lost Assets

On average, many companies lose 5 to 10 percent of their assets each year. Our construction technology platform coupled with our advanced tracking devices helps you monitor equipment, tools and materials to reduce loss.

Control More

Plan Better

Do you have excess equipment and material available, or will you need to rent or buy more? With our solution, you know for sure and can reduce unnecessary purchases or rentals.

Optimize Uptime and Reduce Downtime

Regular maintenance keeps jobs on schedule and can cost 80% less than unplanned repairs or downtime. Tenna asset software lets you locate spare parts, schedule preventive maintenance and receive service reminders.

Improved Communications

From the field to the shop to the office, our solutions provide full visibility for your mixed assets across your entire organization.

Make More

Increase Profitability

Bid and win more work with confidence because you’re in control and efficient. You can save on significant expenses by tracking all your assets on one platform instead of paying for multiple, disjointed mixed asset tracking solutions.

Have More Predictable Days

Quickly find what you need and spend less time on manually tracking your assets. We help you stay on offense against your days so you don’t have to put out fires and can get more work done.

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