Emergency Services Equipment Tracking & Management

Tenna’s software and hardware applications can support contractors performing emergency response facility construction as part of the federal and state-led response to COVID-19.

Equipment Tracking & Management for Emergency Response and Rapid Mobilization

Tenna is uniquely positioned to serve as an asset management and inventory control solution for contractors mobilizing and performing emergency/disaster relief projects, temporary infrastructure work, and rapid response construction projects across the continental United States of America.

Our background as a global contractor with decades of federal Rapid Response construction experience gives us the know-how to effectively apply our technology solution for rapid deployment initiatives and tracking of critical project equipment. Tenna’s technology can support fast and efficient execution of these important projects and alleviate the logistical and operational burdens that are inherent to the nature of this work.

Tenna's Approach to Inventory Management

In the event that your rapid response initiatives require you to track and manage related inventory, here are our recommendations for leveraging Tenna to meet the demands of emergency services equipment tracking and management as well as inventory management on field hospital and rapid response medical facility construction projects.

Emergency Services Inventory Management

You may want to create a separate division within your Tenna company organization structure for even more organization of your asset management and tracking.

Create one Site for the entire field hospital / response location.

Set up zones for areas that serve distinct purposes and are far away enough from each other for them to be differentiated using tracker location updates / scans. E.g. Zones for Loading Areas.

Create Assets for all container/pod/tents being constructed as per the plans and specs.

  • Create an Asset for every non-consumable and durable good, equipment, device, supply and/or material that can move from place to place.
  • Create an asset to act as a SKU for inventory management.
    • Link to one QR tracker and specify quantity.

Create Groups for each container/pod/tent area and their respective equipment.

  • The idea is setting up Primary Assets to match the physical spaces users will find themselves in.
    • E.g. Set up a ‘Recovery Room’ converted container, a specific ‘OR Tent’, or a ‘Supplies Pod’ as Primary assets.
    • Create all other assets housed within these spaces as secondary assets. E.g. the ‘OR Tent’ primary asset could have secondary assets like ‘operating bed’, ‘operating light’, ‘defibrillator’, ‘ventilator’, ‘fire extinguisher’, etc.

Track each asset and/or group of assets with the appropriate tracker based on use-case


Use Case
Use Case
Use Case

Note: Based on signal strength and type of indoor facility (i.e. tent vs. concrete building vs. metal container) GPS location reported by trackers that are indoors may not be enough to provide exact and accurate asset location. Additional user input may be needed to pinpoint the exact location of an asset.

Know More

Improve Inventory and Accountability – Know where all your assets are located. Tenna’s App will engage your team to improve accountability for managing and utilizing your equipment, tools and materials.

Control More

Improved Communications – From the within the project sites as well to the main office, our solutions provide full visibility for your mixed assets across your entire organization.

Make More

Have More Predictable Days – In these times of uncertainty, and ever-changing information, Tenna enables you to quickly find what you need and spend less time on manually tracking your assets. We help you stay on offense against your days so you don’t have to put out fires and can get more work done.

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