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Tenna was built on over 100 years of experience, and counting, in the construction industry.  We really do understand the complexity of bidding work, running jobs and making tough decisions.  With our One Platform solution, we enable you to get the most out of your second largest cost center—equipment and tools.

To complete your projects on schedule and on budget, you coordinate heavy equipment, tools, attachments and materials. If anything is late, misplaced or not usable, the project suffers. And so does your company’s income and reputation.

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Too many construction companies try to manage equipment on paper, in spreadsheets or with less sophisticated tracking systems. These are often inaccurate and slow or require you to search multiple places to find your assets’ location, availability and condition.

Tenna’s One Platform coupled with our family of tracking technologies combines all your fleet vehicles, heavy equipment, mid-sized equipment and small tools, so that you can gain control over everything.

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Functionality Highlights

Location and Inventory

Know the precise location of your every asset with our family of tracker technologies. We take you beyond a dot on a map and give you full visibility across your entire equipment fleet.

Condition and Maintenance

Record the condition of equipment, vehicles attachments and tools. Keep a history of maintenance, schedule repairs and receive notifications of service needs. Access details on any asset to view usage, repairs or specifications.

Complete Tracking

Our comprehensive tracking technologies allow you to track your entire mixed fleet. Whether it’s GPS trackers, Cellular Trackers, Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons, or QR code tags, we customize a solution that fits your business’ needs all on One Platform.

Assignees and Groups

Assign equipment and tools to team members or groups to know who has what and which assets should remain together. Know when assets are left behind on a job site so that you can keep track of grouped assets gone missing.


Find more insights into how your assets are used now and in the past. See equipment tracking and usage individually or by project for more accurate costs and billing. Get actionable reports on utilization across your entire mixed fleet.

Markets We Serve

When choosing a construction technology partner, choose one with over 100 years of experience in the construction industry.

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