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Oil and gas operations, whether upstream or midstream, are capital intensive and complex. You need total attention to every component, with redundancy and safety built in to assure every operation runs smoothly. This is why operators look to Tenna. We help you track and control every part and key spare to keep you drilling, producing or transporting.

Trusted and Tested


Tenna’s autonomous asset tracker technologies work where you do – in the dirtiest, harshest site conditions. So you can trust that you’ll always have the right assets, where you need them. Our solutions are ideal for:

  • Oil and gas drillers
  • Field service operators
  • Equipment providers
  • Upstream and midstream operators
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One Platform to Control All Your Equipment

Your operation is too important to rely on multiple fragmented asset inventory management systems – you need to be able to find and locate any part any time. You need a single, state of the art asset management tracking platform. Fortunately, Tenna integrates all your equipment tracking so you can manage your entire fleet and key spares on one platform. Use our QR code equipment tracking, RFID, GPS asset trackers or LoRa solutions, and our cloud-based asset software to monitor every tool, pump or vehicle on one consolidated asset tracking dashboard.

Location and Asset Inventory Management

Reduce rig downtime by spending less time searching for key spare parts. Find where you stored any part, using Tenna’s asset tags, GPS equipment trackers and LoRa trackers. Save expensive time because your inventory is automatically up-to-date.

Condition and Maintenance

Keep your operations running with equipment that stays in working condition. Record the condition of equipment, including repair and maintenance history, and receive e-notifications of service needs.

Projects and Groups

Organize your equipment to match your operations by assigning equipment and tools to projects or work groups. Get reports of equipment tracking and utilization by each project.

Works in the Field

Tenna’s equipment tracking tags were tested by drilling operators to work outside in harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. Our equipment tracking tags are manufactured using laser technology and redundant coding, so that you can trust our tags.

Safety Records

Tenna’s asset tracking system can store safety, compliance and specification documents with the equipment’s digital history. And your team — in the field or the office — can access information at any time to help you work safely and continuously.


Keep a single consolidated asset tracking solution for all your equipment, so you can instantly find more without having to scramble across disparate asset tracking systems.


Benefits for Oil and Gas Operators

At the drilling site, warehouse, storage yard or office, your team members can receive updates with real-time equipment tracking of each asset’s critical information. With Tenna you can:

Save Time

Because all equipment is tracked on one asset management app, you can quickly find what you need. Tenna gives you accurate and up to date inventory managment, so you spend less time hunting for spares in an emergency.

Improve Accountability

Know when and where inventory has been transported. And know which employee last used any item, because Tenna tracks the who, when and where each time something is relocated.

Keep Operating

Minimize costly downtime from equipment failure or repairs. Tenna’s real-time asset tracking system helps you keep track of your key spares, their locations and condition, to get rigs back in operation fast.


Do you know where all your parts and tools are, and their readiness and availability? With Tenna asset tracking, you can know for sure, keeping your operation working and in control.


Improve safety and compliance. Store safety training certifications on Tenna’s equipment inventory software, and keep safety instructions and records available at the touch of a button, minimizing injuries, risk and downtime.


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