Asset Management Solutions

Do you struggle with seeing and organizing the assets you own and managing them between projects?

Tenna’s digital asset management platform allows you to fully manage your assets on your mobile device from the field, jobsite office or main office.

Tenna’s Asset Library, Request Management and Utilization functionality lets you stay connected to your assets while doing the work you need to do
that is key to your business.

Asset Library

A well-organized and easy-to-use asset library structure is at the root of an efficient asset management system that can fully work for – and provide optimal value to – your business.

Organize and search for asset details on Tenna in a simple but efficient way.
Search for asset information by project, group, or location and
reallocate assets from project to project when needed.


See what assets have been updated most recently. Understand total amount of equipment rented on the platform.

Asset Detail – Reallocation

Transfer assets from project to project.


Organize an asset by project site. Set closeout times for those projects.


Create a group of assets. Apply location updates via a QR scan to the entire group of assets.

Asset Search

Search all assets via elastic search. Use Alpha/Numerical programing to find your assets.

Asset Request Management

Centralize and organize asset requests from the field straight from your mobile device.
Request assets in real time as you need them to guarantee the quickest response for your project. Eliminate the distractions, procrastination or forgetfulness of taking manual notes and causing a delay in execution.

On Tenna, each project’s needs are visible to all your teams.
Personnel can identify available assets in the Library and coordinate moving equipment
and materials to appropriate sites as required.


View the wanted posts that occur from a project site or elsewhere in the field on the homepage dashboard for easy visibility.

Want It

Centralize wanted requests from the field or project sites in a single database. Sort requests by asset type, project site, date posted, date fulfilled, price, availability, and distance.

Asset Utilization

Record and view data on assets used collectively on project sites, as well as individual asset utilization to benefit the operations teams, cost accountants,
equipment managers and estimators.

Improve logistics for the project teams to ensure they have the assets they need
to perform and keep projects on target and coordinate the reallocation of assets seamlessly.

Feed data to cost accountants on how many pieces of equipment are being used
on active projects each month for accurate forecasting.

Provide asset location and condition updates to equipment managers to ensure
owned assets are being used, understand how they are being used and identify whether
its most economical to rent, buy or lease in the future.

Share accurate cost and utilization data with estimators to help develop future bid rates,
improve competitiveness and keep winning work.

Asset Detail – Reallocation

Transfer assets from project to project.

Asset Search

Search all assets via elastic search. Use Alpha/Numerical programing to quickly identify and find your assets.


Review individual asset and overall project utilization. Improve bid rates with accurate utilization cost information. Capture relevant data for those who need it.
“Transferring assets from the shop to the jobsites or between our projects around the state has never been easier. Tenna allows us to re-allocate our assets to our teams that need them right away and helps make sure our equipment is always where it needs to be, whether that’s in the shop for maintenance or out in the field.” Andy Seaburg

Assistant Fleet Manager, CEI


Managing your assets with these tools brings the following benefits to your processes, operations and organization:
Increased visibility
Cost savings
Time savings
Increased efficiencies
Improved communication
Improved decision making
Improved record keeping and documentation
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Common Use Cases

Asset Management – Common Use Cases

Tenna offers seven core solutions for use cases common amongst companies that rely on physical assets to perform their primary business functions.

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