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Tenna Launches the TennaMINI Plug-In GPS Tracker, Expanding Tracker Suite

Edison, NJ—June 24, 2020— TENNA, the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations, today announced it has launched the TennaMINI Plug-In, the newest member of the TennaMINI GPS tracker family and Tenna hardware product line.

The TennaMINI is the smallest GPS tracker available for the construction industry and is ideal for tracking precise GPS location for heavy and mid-sized equipment and machines. Already available in Tenna’s product suite in battery and solar models for assets without engines (non-plug-in), the TennaMINI Plug-In is the newest TennaMINI model which gets wired directly into a construction asset to read engine hours and drive utilization and performance data in addition to location information.

“Working closely with our customers and understanding the specific needs of the construction industry has allowed us to develop and release innovative products which continue to evolve. The TennaMINI Plug-In is smaller and requires less than 25% of the power needed by other typical plug-in telematics trackers. This allows us to keep the product discrete and extremely efficient for tracking in the field. Best part of all, it costs less,” said James House, Director of Implementation at Tenna.

Why TennaMINI Plug-In?

The TennaMINI tracker is small, flexible, durable, easy-to-install and long-lasting for reliable equipment tracking and management. It is designed to work in harsh external environments to meet the needs of the construction industry. The rechargeable plug-in model reads more advanced telematic data than just the location information provided by the existing solar and battery models. The TennaMINI Plug-In will help contractors reduce costs, save valuable time and generate meaningful utilization data to improve their equipment fleet operations and make informed business decisions.

One Platform to Control the Entire Equipment Fleet

Tenna’s One Platform solution coupled with their family of integrated hardware, like the TennaMINI, can track, process, automate and inform contractors on how to manage their entire mixed fleet. A complete range of hardware solutions allows Tenna to customize a solution that will exactly match each of their customer’s needs.

Contractors no longer need to spend money on multiple tracking systems. Tenna is a sophisticated software platform that ties multiple tracking systems and mixed assets together into one platform.

About Tenna

 Tenna goes beyond tracking. Tenna,, is the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations.

We enable you to know more. You get comprehensive, reliable tracking on a unified platform that is designed for mixed fleets. We built our solution on over 100 years of construction experience.

With more insight, you can control more. From status to assignee and maintenance, get comprehensive data on your mixed fleet. On your projects, gain more control over equipment utilization, master job costing and oversee your safety and compliance needs. At the office, gain full visibility and improved communications with the field, shop and between departments, providing full transparency from any location and better data to make purchase decisions.

And finally, with more control, you can make more. With knowledge, comes the power to make informed decisions on renting/owning/moving mixed assets. See improved utilization. Have more predictable days.

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