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The Rundown on Robert B. Our Company

Robert B. Our Company (RBO) is a general contractor specializing in civil site and utility work in New England. Founded in 1957, they have amassed a fleet of over 200 pieces of heavy equipment including excavators, loaders, backhoes, rollers, grinders, sweepers and more, as well as heavy and light trucks.

The Challenge

RBO needed a reliable method to track and manage the equipment in their large, disbursed fleet and struggled with the devices and customer service with their previous tracking provider. They also sought to incorporate safety and compliance for their on-road, long-haul fleet assets.

The Tenna Solution

Here’s what Jake N., Dispatcher, had to say about Tenna:

Monitor Equipment

Tenna allows RBO to monitor their equipment with live maps, trip finder, sites and geofences.

“I use Tenna almost hour to hour. Having a fleet as large as ours is, its critical to my day and if I didn’t have it, I’m not sure I would be able to go home at night.”

Accurate Utilization

Tenna’s utilization feature helps RBO outfit their jobsites and share resources.

“The utilization is something that I dive through quite a bit. And that is mostly when I’m trying to put out a fire and I’m trying to find who’s who skid-steer I can take, who’s mini excavator I can take, who’s not using their loader very often. That’s the biggest aspect of the utilization that I believe I found benefit in.”

Field Adoption

RBO also leverages maintenance in Tenna to streamline repair and maintenance activities.

“The shop’s come a long way with it. They’ve found benefits. The guys that are using it are adapting to it very quickly and they’re wanting more out of it as they continue to use it.”

Increased Safety & Compliance

Additionally, RBO leverages Tenna’s safety and compliance products including safety cameras and driver scorecards.

“There’s a lot of trailer drivers that enjoy having proof of safe driving on their on their dash every day, and that does a lot for them comfortability wise, and our insurance company loves it too…The drivers love to go back and look at potential accidents, near misses. Some person cut them off on the highway, they love to be able to show people how they stopped an accident from happening.

I’ve been very impressed with being able to tweak the driver scorecard parameters. The vast majority of our guys do a fantastic job of driving safely, driving within the speed limit, and under our standards. Some don’t, and we’ve been able to curb that very quickly due to the data that Tenna gives us.”

The Results

RBO Knows More with visibility across their large, scattered fleet, Controls More with better safety and maintenance monitoring, and Makes More by increasing equipment uptime and labor productivity.

Saves Money

Saves money with fewer repairs related to breakdowns.

Saves Time

Saves time searching for assets, sharing resources and reducing equipment downtime.

Decreases risk and exposure

Decreases risk and exposure with safety cameras and driver scorecards.

Advice from Robert B. Our Company

“[For those considering Tenna] I would say do it. Jump. It’s a big jump. It is something that is going to take a lot of front-loaded time, but you will save that time tenfold down the road and it will save you the headaches that cause you the time.”

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