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Customer Story

Founded in 2005, American Integrity Restoration (AIR) is a full-service restoration company and licensed General Contractor handling mitigation and repairs for fire, smoke, water and mold.

Air American Integrity employees working on a residential site

For AIR, the easiest part is that the app runs in the background of your phone and picks up equipment automatically when you get near it...Being able to see where all of our equipment is in live time is a game changer. Not only do we know where it is, but also when the last time it was ‘picked up’ by the app.

Kevin Radican, Senior Operations Manager, American Integrity Restoration

Business Need

As an emergency services contractor, AIR needed to quickly access and deploy their inventory resources to their projects and to ensure their equipment made it back to their warehouse after use.

Prior to implementing Tenna in 2018, AIR struggled with leaving hundreds of pieces specialty equipment behind on their jobsites, despite many procedures in place to prevent this. The value of this equipment amounted to nearly $100,000.

Selection of equipment from the Air American Integrity fleet on top of hardwood floors

How Tenna Helped

After teaming with Tenna, AIR adopted the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons as a better method of tracking their equipment.

Having an equipment management system helps with improved visibility and communication company-wide.

“All of our field technicians have the app to track the equipment and it has the largest impact in our Mitigation department, which has 75% of our assets that we track.”

“We are using the maintenance feature so we know what equipment is broken and what about it doesn’t work.”

When thinking of Tenna as part of their business, AIR thinks of

“being able to see where all of our equipment is from the click of a mouse and knowing if equipment was left behind at a job.”


Since implementing Tenna, AIR has been able to maintain visibility over their specialty equipment and reduce the high costs that they had been incurring associated with loss and replacements.

AIR Knows More with better visibility of their equipment location and maintenance needs, Controls More with better communication and reporting and Makes More by reducing loss and repurchases and improving recovery.


in lost or stolen equipment

Unexpected benefits AIR has experienced with Tenna involve equipment theft:

“One thing we never thought of was theft of equipment. All the tags are placed in spots on our equipment where you can’t really see so they don’t get damaged… We can drive around the area where equipment was stolen or past pawn shops and if the equipment is there it will be picked up on our phones. Just another way that Tenna is saving AIR money.”

Related to AIR’s goals of better tracking and management,

“Tenna’s online platform has helped tremendously with our annual asset count and equipment audit. Now we can run reports. Before we would have to go through manually and find all the equipment. All we have to do now is run the app at our warehouse and the rest is done from the computer!”

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