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Every day Tenna helps companies in construction and other industries maximize the utility and value from all their tools, equipment and fleets.

Here are resources and tools offering insight on how Tenna may be able to help your company too. Explore our calculator to learn how Tenna can uncover hidden value in your assets. Or check out our blog on asset management, GPS technology, Internet of Things (IoT) and more.

We hope these help you find more opportunity from your equipment and assets.

ROI Calculator

Our Asset Tracking and Management solution will find more profit.
By tracking all your asset types (fleet, equipment, tools and more) on Tenna’s One Platform, you maximize your ROI by eliminating expenses for multiple, disjointed systems.

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Use our interactive tool to find out which tracker works best for your business needs. Every company has unique requirements. We adapt to meet your needs and provide you the best solution.

Case Studies

Everyday, our customers find more value, insight and efficiency from their assets, by using Tenna’s asset tracking system.

Tenna Blog

Tenna’s experts in asset tracking share their experience and advice. Learn about GPS tracking devices for construction and other industries, equipment tracking, and more.

Implementation Service

Tenna is easy to use and implement. We also offer unparalleled implementation support so you can start finding more assets and become much more efficient even faster.


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