The Right Fit for Construction

What Does it Mean to be "Best" for Construction

If you are in the market for a construction equipment fleet management system, you are probably aware of the many options competing in the asset management and tracking space.
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Right Size for Construction

Regardless of whether your business is large or small, Tenna understands the way you operate and can help support your equipment fleet operations.

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Anatomy of a Construction Equipment Management System

As a construction technology provider for equipment fleet management, we hear a lot from contractors in our network about confusion in the asset tracking and management space.
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Choosing the Right Solution [WHITE PAPER]

To determine what system best suits your needs, here are some suggested steps and tools to use to help navigate and assess the options, and ultimately make the most informed buying decision.

Construction Equipment Management System Fundamentals

When shopping for an equipment management system for your
construction assets, make sure you have your goals defined for each of your use cases first.

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Competitor Comparison

Based on our research, here is an apples to apples comparison of how we stack up against some (six) of our competitors.

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Why Tenna

It’s important to team with a construction-centric provider for construction
equipment management. Where should you start looking for one of these?

  • Construction Industry Experience
  • Hardware Built for Construction Environments
  • Software Designed to give Construction Insights
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