Small Assets and Tools

Needed Every Day Easily Misplaced

In your yard, warehouse and on project sites, you have hundreds — maybe even thousands — of small assets. From chainsaws to power drills, compressors to jackhammers and surveying and testing equipment. They can easily go missing. You need equipment tracking devices and asset trackers on one system for everything to keep it available for new projects. Tenna’s asset tracking app will scan QR code equipment tracking labels, Bluetooth asset tags or whenever an asset is handled or hauled. Don’t let items get misplaced or left behind — take control.


How Tenna Works

We integrate equipment tracking for all your assets into one easy-to-use cloud-based asset tracking system. Tenna helps you better manage small assets and tools so they’re available when you need them.

Tenna’s QR code asset tracking labels and Bluetooth trackers are ideal for smaller items. Every Tenna tag or tracker has a unique ID code – simply attach one to each of your valuable smaller assets.

When your employees scan the beacons or trackers with a smartphone, Tenna instantly updates your inventory, the equipment location, date and time, and who scanned it. You can also add photos to document the tool’s condition, and maintenance needs.

All your asset info is conveniently stored on Tenna’s single platform, along with your data for mid-sized and heavy equipment, so you can find all your asset data easily.

Identify Every Asset

Tenna provides a variety of small equipment and tools asset tracking devices and equipment management solutions to track all your hand-held tools and other small assets.

Tenna QR

We offer durable, adhesive QR scanner labels in different sizes, as well as rugged aluminum QR asset tracking tags and Bluetooth asset tags. Your employees simply scan the equipment tracking tag using the Tenna equipment tracking app on a smartphone or tablet, and asset information is automatically stored on the Tenna asset tracking system.

Tenna BLE Beacon

Asset tracking transmitters automatically connect assets to smartphones in short-range areas.

Don’t Let Small Equipment Take Up Big Time

Tenna’s small equipment tracking devices enables you to find more. Our cost-effective asset tracking system lets you monitor your big equipment and the small tools and assets your crews use every day.

Quickly Identify Assets

After scanning an item, Tenna records the asset inventory, a timestamp and its precise location. It takes just a few seconds, so your crews won’t be slowed down or inconvenienced.

One Easy Platform

Stop searching multiple asset tracking systems or files to find needed items. With Tenna, your small tools are tracked on the same cloud-based asset management tracking platform as your midsized and heavy equipment.


Find More

Tenna eliminates misplaced or missing inventory. Save time searching for tools at project sites, yards and warehouses. With fast, easy-to-use equipment tracking solutions, Tenna can help make your entire operation more efficient.

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