Manage Your Team's Permission Levels

We know how inefficient it is to implement a system that looks great on paper but is impractical to use. If your team’s access to information is too restricted and they can’t perform on the system, you are wasting time and losing value. On the other hand, if you can’t control access finely enough, you risk exposing sensitive information.

Every company is different, so we let you control access across your individual users. User seats are unlimited with your Tenna account, so you don’t have to worry about restricting the number of users to avoid overexposure or keep your management team in the dark so the full field team can use the tool. C-suite Executives, Engineers and Foremen alike all have a role on our platform with their own tailored permissions for managing and using your mixed assets, set by you.

Construction Site with Tracking Solution on Excavator
Heavy Construction Site Work with Equipment Trackers

How It Works

We help to reduce the amount of administration needed to get your team set up. You can easily customize permission levels to control who can see and access different areas of your equipment fleet management system.

Choose from a list of our helpful defaults, edit to best fit your custom break downs, or create your own. The possible combinations are countless.


Managing your permissions on Tenna’s One Platform brings the following benefits to your processes, operations and organization:

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