It’s all about time and money.

With over a century of firsthand experience in heavy civil construction, we’ve learned that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to have one system to manage all the core functions of a construction organization.

There are systems out there that are good at handling multiple components. However, handling all the complexities for each one of a businesses’ needs, let alone the unique nuances for each individual company, is virtually impossible. Providing the best tool for the job for each department or role as well as integrating those standalone systems is key. When you boil it down, it’s all about saving time and money.

Integrations we offer

As Tenna continues to be the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations, we look to also be an integral part of your business’ ecosystem.

ERP Integrations

Tenna provides integrations with various business, accounting and finance, software systems a.k.a. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. This enables all your data to sync between Tenna and your accounting/ERP system, automatically updating your systems and in effect eliminating the need to maintain redundant data in separate databases.

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SaaS Integrations

Tenna has partnerships with various cloud-based software providers a.k.a. SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms such as project management and estimating software systems. We are continuing to build those partnerships based on our Customers’ needs and requests.

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OEM/AEMP Integrations

Integrating with your OEM machines allow you to manage your entire fleet on Tenna’s One Platform.

Tenna integrates your OEM data by importing AEMP (ISO 15143-3 /AEMP 2.0) into the Tenna platform from other telematic providers.


How it Works

Integrations allow different business systems to share data, communicate with each other and work together, all to help streamline your business processes.

Integrations can share data for full visibility and business intelligence, can be built to sync automatically or based on defined triggers, can feed specific processes and/or workflows, allow you to perform an action in one system from within another, and can retrieve information from various sources through APIs.


Seamless integrations provide many benefits, here are just a few:

Increases Visibility

Elimination of gaps in information, elimination of chasing down information

Increases Efficiency & Accuracy

Reduction of duplicate data entry, reduction of rework, reduction manual entry errors

Optimizes for More Profitability

As a result of gained efficiencies, improved decision making

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Contact us to discuss your current integrations needs and Learn More about our current partners.

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