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Price is based on the number of assets and the type of solution needed.

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Implementation and Training
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Available on all Accounts

Interactive DashboardXXX
Mobile Apps for IOS and AndroidXXX
Asset DetailsXXX
Assets’ Historical Data & Data AnalyticsXXX
Customizable Trigger AlertsXXX
Location TrackingXXX
Report It: Standard, Suggested and Customizable ReportsXXX
Groups: Bundle Assets or Inventory into GroupsXXX
Print QR Code LabelsXXX
Tenna MarketplaceXXX
Want It: Asset Requests Within the CompanyXXX
Live Data: Asset Location Tracking XX
Telematics XX
Engine Hour Monitoring XX
Driver Scorecard  X
Driver-Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)  X


Asset Tracker Devices


Tenna BLE Beacon – Ruggedized
Tenna BLE Beacon – Circular Mount
QR Small Label
QR Large Label
QR Large Aluminum Tag
QR Small Aluminum Tag


TennaGO Cellular Tracker
Plug-In 1220

TennaGO Cellular Tracker
Battery 720


Tenna Fleet Tracker

Tenna Fleet Tracker

Implementation and Training
  • Self-implementation
  • Remote Implementation
  • On-site one-day implementation
  • Custom implementation plan
Access and Support
  • Unlimited Users
  • User Permission Assignment
  • Unlimited Devices and Apps
  • Unlimited Projects/Site locations
  • Remote Support
  • Tenna University and continued learning

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Our Asset Tracking and Management solution will find more profit.
By tracking all your asset types (fleet, equipment, tools and more) on Tenna’s One Platform, you maximize your ROI by eliminating expenses for multiple, disjointed systems.

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