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Mark’s expertise is in building and leading teams. Formerly a middle school teacher, team leader, and wrestling coach for 15 years, Mark has spent the past 5+ years at Tenna growing key departments including marketing, customer success, and sales. Today, as VP of Sales Development, Mark leads the team that spearheads outreach efforts, helping Tenna meet tomorrow’s future customers.

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  • Top 5 Reasons to Use GPS Tracking for Equipment
    Although it was once on the cutting edge, we think of GPS and geolocation technology today as a part of everyday life. Our smartphones come with integrated GPS chips for navigation and websites frequently request our location to provide additional services. Multiple industries take full advantage of these tools to improve work efficiency, including the […]
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    Look at any job site, and you will see a lot of construction equipment. If you are a contractor on a job, can you see all your equipment, and know what equipment is on your site? Is it working? Is it being utilized? Can you see what’s available to you on other projects or at […]
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    What is equipment tracking software? We get asked this question frequently and wanted to provide information on what equipment tracking software is, how it works, industries that commonly use it and the benefits of using it.

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