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Tenna Launches the TennaMINI GPS Tracker, Expanding Product Line

Edison, NJ—October 16, 2019—TENNA, the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations, today announced it has launched the TennaMINI, a GPS tracking device which represents the latest in their ongoing expansion of the Tenna product line.

The TennaMINI is a small, durable GPS tracker that can endure harsh environments for their focus industry, construction. The new device will be available in battery and solar models. These devices are ideal for tracking with precise GPS location heavy equipment and machines that do not have power sources.

“Tenna continues to evolve the platform with new product developments and functionality offerings. Tenna introduced TennaMINI in response to numerous requests by customers wanting something smaller.  We listened to what our customer wanted and are now offering the TennaMINI to meet their needs,” said Austin Conti, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Tenna.

Why TennaMINI?

The TennaMINI tracker is small, flexible, durable, easy-to-install and long-lasting for reliable equipment tracking and management. It is designed to work in harsh external environments to meet the needs of the construction industry. It will help companies reduce costs, save valuable time and generate meaningful data to improve their equipment fleet operations processes.

One Platform to Control the Entire Equipment Fleet

Tenna’s One Platform solution coupled with their family of integrated hardware, like the TennaMINI, can track, process, automate and inform contractors on how to manage their entire mixed fleet. A complete range of hardware solutions allows Tenna to customize a solution that will exactly match each of their customer’s needs.

Contractors no longer need to spend money on multiple tracking systems. This sophisticated software platform ties multiple tracking systems together into one platform.

About Tenna

Tenna goes beyond tracking. Tenna,, is the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations.

We enable you to know more. You get comprehensive, reliable tracking on a unified platform that is designed for mixed fleets. We built our solution on over a 100 years of construction experience.

With more insight you can control more. From status to assignee and maintenance, get comprehensive data on your mixed fleet. On your projects, gain more control over equipment utilization, master job costing and oversee your safety and compliance needs. At the office, gain full visibility and improved communications with the field, shop and between departments, providing full transparency from any location and better data to make purchase decisions.

And finally, with more control, you can make more. With knowledge, comes the power to make informed decisions on renting/owning/moving mixed assets. See improved utilization. Have more predictable days.

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