Fleet Management & Tracking Glossary

Some businesses use the term Fleet to describe only their vehicles. Construction businesses commonly refer to their entire collection of assets as their Fleet. Tenna meets both interpretations by helping you track and manage all the assets in your fleet, including your vehicles, equipment, machinery and more.

What is a Fleet

A group of assets operating together or under the same ownership including commercial motor vehicles such as cars, vans, specialist vehicles, yellow iron equipment, buses, trucks and trailers, aviation aircraft, rail units, or water craft. Ex: “construction fleet” or fleet of vehicles

What is Fleet Maintenance

The responsibility of maintaining a company’s fleet so that the assets are available, well-kept and fully functional for use. Maintenance includes routine service or repairs to keep fleet assets healthy, performing to their designed capacity, and can extend a fleet asset’s lifetime. Inadequate fleet maintenance results in unnecessary expenses and decreased productivity.

What is Vehicle Fleet Management

An oversight function performed by companies that maintain a commercial fleet of motor vehicles that are relied upon in support of business operations. Fleet management minimizes or eliminates risks associated with vehicle performance and supports compliance with regulations. Fleet management can encompass a wide range of functions, from initial investment and financing, to maintenance and performance oversight, to assignment and usage.

What is Fleet Tracking

A process which automatically monitors the location, status or performance of individual vehicles within a fleet with hardware devices that collect and transmit fleet data to a fleet tracking software system to generate a comprehensive picture of vehicle insights. Vehicle information can be viewed on electronic maps via the Internet or on specialized software.

What is Fleet Management

An oversight function performed by companies that maintain a fleet that supports business operations. Fleet management can encompass a wide range of functions from initial investment and financing, to assignment and usage, to regulatory compliance, to safety, maintenance and performance oversight.

What is Fleet Size

The number of vehicles, trucks, or other assets that make up a fleet.

What is Fleet Safety

A positive, compliant operating condition achieved when fleet managers implement and conduct appropriate precautions within fleet operations, follow regulations and adopt preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of damage, incidents or accidents involving an asset, operator or third party.

What is Onboard Diagnostics (OBD)

A vehicle’s self-diagnostic and reporting capability. In IoT asset tracking, onboard diagnostics can be read remotely from the physical vehicle through fleet tracking devices with OBD II port connections. OBD information is generated by the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) and includes the status and condition of vehicle’s subsystems.