Austin Conti

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Austin is leveraging his international experience in construction operations for civil, building, and energy projects with The Conti Group, a 111-year-old private developer of infrastructure assets. His passion for entrepreneurship has led him to create IoT technology for industrial businesses.


Jose Cueva

Co-Founder / Director of Sales

Jose applies his knowledge and first-hand construction experience to deliver innovative platform solutions to a growing number of companies. His involvement in both architecting solutions and delivering them enables him to cross over functional roles.


Kristen Olson

Chief Operating Officer

Kristen brings experience in start-ups and over 17 years in Human Resources. Her creative mind and non-traditional background results in innovative solutions to the programs, procedures, and standard human resource responsibilities.


Michael Cook

Chief Technology Officer

Michael has over 20 years of experience building customer facing and back office software products, including 12 years as Vice President of Technology at Comcast and executive leadership positions at SAIC, Telcordia and Bellcore. He has been awarded 47 patents spanning software systems, communications, wireless, IoT, and video technologies.


Dan Kohn

Vice President of Marketing

Dan helped grow the small business division into the fastest growing unit while at Pitney Bowes. He has the skills in digital and traditional media, launching online and offline branding campaigns, and energizing a product to serve the digital economy and reach new markets.


Juan Perez

Vice President of Operations

Juan is a Special Forces combat veteran and an expert strategic planner with operational experience conducting highly sensitive operations. His focus and robust planning skills enable him to create and deliver a seamless experience for customers.


Muhammad Tahir

Lead Developer

Muhammad is a leader when it comes to software engineering with a key focus on productivity improvements and reliability. He has developed processes to prioritize product portfolios, maximize transparency and promote continuous improvements.

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