Long Range Wide Area Networking (LoRaWAN) and Low Power Wide Area Networking (LPWAN) technology provides wireless coverage you control. While cellular networks cover most areas, some remote sites and locations are not able to achieve adequate coverage. In these cases, LoRaWAN technology can be used to provide a private, secure connection for a site with a range of roughly 3 square miles in a typical implementation in suburban locations with potentially more in rural areas. Multiple gateways can be added for more coverage.

LoRaWAN Gateway (Coming soon)

The Tenna LoRaWAN Gateway reads the beacon ID, signal strength, and all other TennaONE LoRaWAN tracker data at a site at distances of 1 mile in suburban areas. It combines this data with its own GPS signal to precisely track location data. The Gateway plugs into to a Local Area Network (LAN) via an Ethernet connection. It securely sends the tracking data it collects to the Tenna database periodically throughout the day. More than one Gateway can be configured to extend coverage across a larger area.

The LoRaWAN gateway can be plugged into a power supply or used with batteries, allowing maximum flexibility at locations without easy electrical access. At a ping rate of 12 times a day, the battery can last for 5 years.


The TennaONE plug-in and battery powered trackers are available in both cellular and LoRaWAN configurations. TennaONEs are typically glued, screwed, or bolted to heavy equipment and medium sized assets at sites and yards. TennaONE trackers working on a LoRaWAN network send their beacon identifiers and any telematics data to the LoRaWAN Gateway at a configurable rate several times per day. The LoRaWAN gateway then relays this information back to the Tenna platform. LoRaWAN technology is designed for low-power consumption, helping battery powered-units last for up to 3 years before battery replacement.

Use Cases


Sites & Yards

Secure, private-network site coverage.

Heavy Duty Equipment

TennaONE Plug-in trackers monitor engine-operated assets on a LoRaWAN network.

Mid-sized Assets

TennaONE Battery powered trackers can track asset locations on the network.

Multiple Solutions

We provide multiple solutions and technologies to best track your specific asset suite, in manual, passive and autonomous methods, to best meet your unique tracking needs. One size does not fit all.




Guaranteed coverage where you need it.


Keeps public traffic off your secure network.


Battery powered so you can put it anywhere.

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