One Platform

Tenna provides extensive features for managing all aspects of your business related to your mixed fleet with an intuitive interface that anyone can use. Whether its tracking assets, managing vehicles or analyzing and reporting on utilization, Tenna’s One Platform has you covered. Our variety of tracking technologies, mobile app, and a dashboard gives you the big picture.


Manage your assets efficiently and receive valuable insights on your business reliably and accurately so you see the big picture, improve communication, strengthen your operations and grow your bottom line.


Monitor asset utilization on time-based scales to measure how often your assets are working and determine their economic efficiency and value for your business. Control more to improve your utilization and increase your profitability.


Easily access site data, account for assets, control costs, perform asset related actions and stay connected to your field, yard or office staff to increase productivity across all teams.


Always know when your assets are at work or on the move with geofences surrounding your sites. Draw boundaries or zones around defined areas you want to monitor. Automate asset transfers between locations and receive alerts during configured times to mitigate theft.


Business and operational intelligence at your fingertips. Tenna reports track current, recent and historical information on your assets, sites, assignees, operations and more. See your performance and make more informed decisions.


Keep your equipment fleet in good working condition for safe and optimal performance since your assets are required to build your projects. Non-working assets and extended downtime are extremely disruptive to productivity and budget.

Tracker Management

Manage tracker health to maintain the flow of data from your assets into Tenna. Observe alerts when battery levels are low and quickly be notified if a tracker is unplugged or goes offline.

Tenna App

Make your team’s jobs easier onsite. Find your assets, create new ones, scan them to make updates, and view utilization information, photos, condition, assignment and more at your fingertips.


Create custom permission levels for your team to control who can see and access different areas of your Tenna platform. Assign specific permission levels to users individually or apply them in bulk.

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