Waste Management

Service, Equipment and Control.
Accuracy and Confidence.

Your customers depend on your timely, accurate service. Every day you coordinate large quantities of dumpsters, storage bins and portable toilets, as well as juggle constantly changing routes.

It’s a complex business. Your customers expect you to get it right.

Tenna sophisticated asset tracking platform helps make complicated jobs a lot easier. Know where every unit is, automate your routes and document every transaction. We help you and your customers find more confidence.

Tenna Is Your Everyday Partner

Tenna’s inventory tracker technologies were designed for the tough conditions you work in. Our solutions are ideal for:

  • Hazardous waste managers
  • Portable sanitation
  • Dumpsters and solid waste collections
  • Scrap metal and recycling
Fleet Telematics Solutions for Waste Management Industry

One Platform Serving All Your Needs

Before Tenna, some of our clients used paper systems, whiteboards or spreadsheets to manage units and routes. These approaches left gaps that risked poor customer service or compliance.

Tenna helps you find more sophistication and control. Depending on your units, you can choose which Tenna asset trackers are right for you. Our QR code inventory tracking, RFID equipment tracker, GPS fleet monitoring and LoRa trackers will bring all your asset data into a single, consolidated asset management solution and one comprehensive asset tracking dashboard.


Improve customer service with digital routing. Because Tenna knows the location of every unit and customer site, you can optimize routes for time and fuel saving. You’re even able to send customer notifications after every service.


Tenna lets you know where every unit, pickup or collection site is with digital pin marks on a road map or satellite map on your desktop and driver’s phone. Find your way, even when your drivers or routes change.


Record the condition of every unit as it’s delivered using our equipment tracking app. Store photos and historical service records for later reference in our asset tracking software.


Closely monitor bins, units and dumpsters so you know inventory at the yard and at customer locations. Our asset software stores complete pickup, service and drop-off records for accurate billing.


Stay current with competitive technologies. Tenna’s asset tracking tags and inventory trackers, working in conjunction with the mobile asset management app, will simplify operations and save you headaches from missed customer service. You can even integrate with popular accounting systems.


Store complete equipment management history about each unit and every service transaction — including site photos — all in one place.


Benefits for Waste Management Operators

You and your team members can now perform real-time asset tracking for improved service and operations. Tenna can help you:

Route Efficiently

Digital routing from Tenna will save your drivers time and fuel. And you can create or modify routes in seconds — no more painstaking manual route planning.

Save Time

Quickly find what you need, whether it’s locating your units or customers, or searching for records. Tenna’s cloud-based asset software helps you find everything faster.


Schedule deliveries and service, and send automated customer notifications. Tenna helps you keep your customers happy.

Understand Your Business

Do you have enough bins and units, or will you need more? Now you can know, because Tenna’s asset management program gives you views into actual utilization and use locations.


With digital asset tracking records, your office and drivers will stay connected and up to date for smoother, more efficient operations.


Using Tenna’s asset management software, you can find more billing and revenue accuracy with complete record keeping. Link Tenna with the most popular online billing systems to simplify your accounting.


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