Right Equipment, Tools and Supplies
Right Time, Place and Cost

To complete your projects on schedule and on budget, you coordinate heavy equipment, tools, attachments and material. If anything is late, misplaced or not usable, the project suffers. And so does your company’s income and reputation.

Tenna is your asset tracking partner. Our equipment tracking devices and asset software help you track and control the entire inventory you need to build projects, and stay on schedule and budget.

If You’re a Builder, Tenna Is Your Partner

Tenna’s advanced Internet of Things (IoT) asset trackers are designed to work reliably in the dirtiest, harshest site conditions, and our durable QR code equipment tracking tags are manufactured with lasers for precision. So you can trust that you’ll always have the right assets, where you need them. Our solutions are ideal for:

  • Heavy civil contractors
  • General contractors
  • Industrial suppliers
  • Material manufacturers
  • Modular, mobile buildings
Laptop with Construction Equipment Management & Telematics Software

One Platform for All Your Construction Needs

Too many construction companies try to manage equipment and materials on paper, in spreadsheets or with less sophisticated tracking systems. These can be inaccurate and slow, or require you to search multiple locations to find your assets’ location, availability and condition.

Tenna’s asset software and asset tracking devices integrate all your tracking, so you can manage your entire inventory on one asset management tracking system. With our range of QR code, RFID tracking, cellular and LoRa GPS asset tracking solutions, you can monitor every kind of tool, machine or vehicle that you own — all on one convenient asset tracker dashboard. Plus, you can find more efficiencies by not paying for multiple equipment tracking systems

Location and Inventory

Know the precise location of every asset using Tenna’s inventory tracker tags and sensors, or cellular and LoRa GPS equipment trackers. View maps to pinpoint every item you have. Save tedious labor with automatic, real-time inventory updates.

Condition and Maintenance

Record the condition of equipment, attachments and tools. Keep a history of maintenance, schedule repairs and receive e-notifications of service needs. Access details on any asset — in the field or the office — to view usage, repairs or specifications.

Projects and Groups

Assign equipment and tools to projects or work groups, and know what is still in use or available for your next project. Stay alert to assets left behind on a job site and take action.

Complete Tracking

Match Tenna’s suite of equipment tracking tags or GPS asset trackers to your entire asset inventory. Use QR or RFID tracking on small tools or equipment, and cellular or LoRa GPS asset trackers on larger equipment and fleet tracking. One asset tracking system completely tracks all your assets.


Find more insights into how your assets are used now and in the past. See equipment tracking and usage by project for more accurate costs and billing. Graph hours and miles trends.

The Marketplace

Easily search for, and buy or rent new equipment that’s needed. Or dispose of your unused items by selling or renting them out to other Tenna users.  Learn more about The Marketplace.


Benefits for Construction Companies

Whether they’re at the project or job site, warehouse, storage yard or office, your team members can find more time, savings and efficiency. Tenna can help you:

Save Time

Quickly find what you need and spend less time on manual fixed asset tracking and inventories. Tenna helps you always know where inventory is located, so you can put it to work faster.

Improve Accountability

Know what equipment is on each project. Tenna’s asset management app will engage your team to improve accountability for their equipment, tools and materials.

Reduce Lost Assets

Stop losing your valuable equipment. On average, many companies lose 5 to 10 percent of their assets each year. Tenna’s equipment tracking tags and GPS asset trackers help you monitor equipment, tools and materials to reduce lost inventory.

Plan Better

Do you have available excess equipment and material, or will you need to rent or buy more? With Tenna asset inventory management, you can know for sure and reduce unnecessary purchases or rentals.

Optimize Uptime

Regular maintenance keeps jobs on schedule and can cost 80 percent less than unplanned repairs or downtime. Tenna asset software lets you locate spare parts, schedule preventive maintenance and receive service reminders.

Increase Profitability

Make more. Bid for and win more work with confidence, because you’re in control and efficient. And you can save on significant expenses by tracking all your assets on one platform instead of paying for multiple asset tracking systems.


Construction Company Case Studies

Tenna’s comprehensive asset tracking solutions provide customers with total visibility. Watch their stories here.


Easy Implementation to Help You Find More

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Always Know Where Your Equipment Is

Nick Barrett, Project Assistant, Implementer, Palmer Paving
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