Preventive Maintenance, Repair Documentation, Damage Reporting

Tenna’s preventive maintenance tools allow users to maintain their assets before they become damaged and need repair. This helps extend the asset’s lifecycle and protects your investment on costly vehicles and equipment. Maintenance and Monitoring features help users monitor asset usage and telematics data to keep assets properly maintained and optimally performing. Tenna’s combination of autonomous trackers, mobile inspection apps, and web interface gives you a complete view of your equipment status and fleet health from anywhere.



Preventive Maintenance

Alerts can be configured for reminders on routine scheduled maintenance to prevent unnecessary downtime.

Repair Documentation

Repair Documentation is stored in the app when maintenance and repairs have been completed, to record what has been fixed. This is valuable information when it comes to valuing an asset for resell. Enhancements coming soon.

Damage Reporting

Maintenance Requests and Damage Reporting features can be requested from the field when needed, with helpful descriptive notes for the mechanics. Enhancements coming soon.

How Maintenance Management Works

Tenna’s tracking features are designed to make identifying maintenance issues across your fleet easy. Just add a Tenna tracker to your vehicles and assets, enter any manual inspection data,  and take advantage of our intuitive tracking web interface.


Tenna has a variety of trackers for all environments that attach to equipment or plug-into vehicles


Drivers use our mobile app to report asset condition, run vehicle inspections, track assets, and change maintenance status

View Reports

Managers and dispatchers see all driver entries, set alerts, and generate reports from Tenna’s web interface
Product Sheet

Product Sheet

Preventive Maintenance

Scheduling, Reporting, Repair Documentation

Tenna Maintenance Management

  • Quickly view asset maintenance status
  • Report asset defects and maintenance issues
  • Search for vehicles and see related telematics details
  • Conduct pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections
  • Setup customized inspection reports
  • Certify previous inspection reports
  • Validate repairs
  • Setup warning and alerts
  • Schedule maintenance

How Maintenance Management Helps

Save time, money, and improve safety using Tenna’s fleet maintenance features

Lower Costs

Avoid expensive, unplanned downtime with proactive maintenance

Manage Schedules

Plan vehicle maintenance during downtime instead of interrupting jobs

Improve Safety

Prevent maintenance related accidents to keep drivers safe

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