West Bay Landscape

Customer Story

Established in 1983, West Bay Landscape has helped to create landscapes for commercial properties, homeowners, and community associations throughout Florida.

Business Need

West Bay desired to have more information available to them regarding their fleet so they could make better business decisions.

We wanted to have great information…If you don’t have good information, you can’t make a good decision. And so, we were looking at how to track our trucks, maintenance, GPS, how they’re moving in the field...'Is it time to make an oil change?' 'Is it time to replace a piece of equipment?’...we were looking for a product that would do that.

Ed Coil, General Manager, West Bay Landscape
West Bay Landscape equipment making mulch

How Tenna Helped

After partnering with Tenna, West Bay has increased their productivity levels and gained actionable insights.

West Bay Landscape is a company that...[doesn't] normally buy new trucks. So, Tenna’s been critical in the management of our fleet...Tenna allows us to track the data in such a way that helps us determine, 'When is a particular piece of equipment ready to be retired or does it still have value?' Tenna helps us make that decision.

Ed Coil, General Manager, West Bay Landscape
Close up of a West Bay Landscape Excavator

Tenna helps us with our cost efficiency really [in] the same sense of knowing when it is [time] to replace a piece of equipment...Just because you have it and you’ve repaired it eight times doesn’t mean you shouldn’t replace a number two. It's helping us make better decisions on how and when to replace equipment and what kind of maintenance we want to do to it.

Ed Coil, General Manager, West Bay Landscape

What I like best about Tenna platform is being able to open the app, scan a piece of equipment, and [being] able to find all of its history...just pretty much being able to keep track of everything that we have here.

Franco Pavese, Service Manager, West Bay Landscape

Tenna helped to raise West Bay’s overall visibility across their asset activity and operations.

The way that it’s helping us is by having operators on a daily basis input any information they need on a certain piece of equipment. And then for me to be able to access that from twenty miles away and be able to find information, retrieve that information, and make a decision based on that information has been extremely helpful.

Franco Pavese, Service Manager, West Bay Landscape


West Bay Knows More with access to valuable data, Controls More with increased visibility within the company, and Makes More by cutting down on non-productive time.

[Tenna is] a wonderful system...We are not depending on a piece of paper anymore...It has definitely improved...communications between managers, operators, owners… Anyone that has access to the app can see what needs to be done and they can accomplish it.

Franco Pavese, Service Manager, West Bay Landscape

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