Palmer Paving

Customer Story

In business over 60 years with locations throughout Massachusetts, Palmer Paving is a fully integrated heavy highway, paving, and material provider that operates combination drum and batch hot mix asphalt manufacturing facilities and quarries.

"Tenna’s... platform will enable us to expand our tracking to include assets used in our day to day operations that were otherwise impractical, expensive or simply impossible to track with other mediums."

Janet Callahan, President, Palmer Paving

Business Need

With challenges communicating between the field and the equipment management team, it was common for smaller assets to be left behind or larger paving equipment to be moved without management knowing.

Palmer Paving sought to improve their asset management by replacing their manual systems consisting of spreadsheets, tablet notes and historical lookback with a system that provides real-time data, increased efficiency and automated insights on asset location, history, condition and disposition.

Palner Paving construction yard with a selection of construction equipment

How Tenna Helped

After teaming with Tenna in 2016, the Palmer Paving crews were able to begin using the system in the field to help the team find the smaller assets and also facilitate better communication between different people moving larger pieces of equipment between operations every day.


Palmer Paving Knows More with better visibility and accountability around their equipment, Controls More with an easyto- use sytem adopted by their team and Makes More by optimizing their owned assets and making sure resources are where they need to be to perform their jobs.


Improved billing and cost control on projects with more accurate location


Saved time for lowbed drivers when logging and reporting dispatches


Saved time for equipment managers pinpointing asset location and history

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